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What exactly is a closeout inventory buyer?

Inventories are tricky things to manage, and for most businesses, a steady flow of supply and demand is a long shot. More often than not, there are bulks of merchandise that are not moving — and haven’t been for a while, causing an excess in stock, not to mention wasted warehouse space. Getting rid of this excess merchandise is a dream for many inventory managers, but it’s not as easy as just disposing of them and risking losing ROI.

That’s where closeout inventory buyers come in. Closeout inventory buyers are also known as surplus buyers, bulk inventory buyers, or inventory liquidators. These professionals purchase excess, unmoving merchandise from businesses. The subject of a closeout inventory sale can be anything — from surplus products to bulk merchandise for sale. In effect, closeout buyers help companies get rid of excess inventory while still getting their ROI from their unprofitable merchandise. 

How Does Our Liquidation Work?

Closeout Express is a premier inventory buyer that can help you liquidate your overstock inventory. We take the guesswork out of purchasing your surplus stock and follow a quick and easy process. All you need to do is fill out a form, and we’ll present you with a top-dollar price quote for your merchandise. 

The initial quote has no strings attached! Once you decide to accept our offer, we settle our payment quickly so that you can move on from your surplus problems and achieve a better business cash flow. 

How Does the process work?

We understand that your priority is to get the most dollar for your closeout inventory as well as protect your brand integrity. We often hear of bulk inventory buyers that buy inventory and then cross-contaminate sales channels by either selling online or to traditional retail stores.

We only work with mom and pop, regional and occasionally national discount retail stores. If you have specific restrictions for your closeout inventory we can abide by those as well.

If you find us a good fit as a bulk inventory buyers, please go ahead and fill out our form. We will get back most likely with a list of questions. Once we have all the information we will make you an offer on your goods and hope to buy your excess inventory. If you accept us as your excess inventory buyers, we pay up front on a credit card and pick up the goods. Other bulk inventory buyers will make you ship goods at your own expense.

What is important to know when selling closeout inventory?

Great question! Bulk inventory buyers often need to know very specific information on your excess inventory, we don’t ask questions to be annoying. We need to know where the goods are located, as we pick up the closeout inventory at our own expense, so California to New York can get quite expensive. We like to know what the retail price of the goods. We often ask for photos of the item and packaging. We like to know how many cases and pallets of each item so we can calculate the freight cost. We also like to know any restrictions on resale of surplus inventory. Lastly, we ask you what the closeout price is on your excess inventory.

What is a closeout price?

Sellers are often confused by the term closeout price. Basically when it comes time to liquidate excess inventory we need to know what you are willing to sell your goods for. For most sellers this price is around cost, but often times it can be more or less. When dealing with short dated food, the closeout price could be a small percentage of the retail price. If bulk inventory buyers are dealing with large lists of 1000’s of items, inventory buyers will often bid as a percentage of retail value. It’s not because we are lazy, but its because it’s easier to manage bulk inventory that way.

Will I break even or make money?

People often expect to get their cost on closeout inventory but unfortunately, the reality is that if bulk inventory buyers paid cost, they would be in the same situation you are in. If you are trying to close out a frying pan that you were selling at traditional retail stores for $29.99, most discount chains will want to retail this item for between $9.99 and $14.99. That means by the time we factor in shipping from your warehouse to ours and our warehouse the discount retailer, we oftentimes need to buy the goods for less then your cost.

What do you do with my excess inventory?

That’s a great question! Most of the time we buy and inventory goods. What that means is we buy the goods directly from you and put them in our warehouse. Once the goods are inventoried, we either sell them to other bulk inventory buyers or we sell them to discount retailers. Other types of liquidation buyers exist but we tend to focus on those two.

Why Work with Us

We are the number one premier bulk inventory buyer. From our easy process to the myriad of retail merchandise we purchase, there is a broad range of reasons you should work with us: 

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The process of getting started with us is easy and free! After filling out a quick and simple form, you will get an instant, top-dollar price quote that covers the value of your surplus stock. At this point, there is no obligation on your end to accept the offer. Enjoy a free, no-strings-attached quote from us that will help fuel your decision to sell. 

Quick Payments

Once you decide to accept our offer and sell your overstock inventory to us, we make the transaction a win-win situation by making quick payments. You wouldn’t have to wait an excessive amount of time to liquidate your unprofitable merchandise with Closeout Express. 

Wide Range of Accepted Products 

As one of the leading bulk inventory buyers, we purchase a broad range of overstock inventory. Among the popular products we have purchased include: 

We accept almost every category of merchandise meant for retail sale. Fill out our form to tell us about your bulk inventory, and let’s see what we can do.

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