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Why contact Closeout Express about your overstock inventory?

Your warehouse is storing hundreds to thousands of merchandise waiting to be sold to your customers. But chances are, there are one or two corners of products that haven’t been touched for a while, and stocks just keep piling up. These products are no longer selling and just taking up space in your warehouse, all while hindering your steady cash flow and defeating a viable ROI. 

This situation happens a lot, especially for clothing brands that manufacture thousands of clothing only for these trends to become outdated and stop selling. You have to keep up with trends, but old and unprofitable merchandise is hindering you from maximizing your warehouse and redeeming your balance sheets. 

As premier bulk inventory buyers, Closeout Express can help you with clothes liquidations, purchasing your unprofitable clothing supply, giving you your ROI, and decluttering your warehouse. 

What Does Liquidation Mean?

Liquidation is the process of turning your excess, unmoving, or unprofitable inventory into cash. Often, this is a quicker route to getting excess stock out of your hands while still receiving your ROI for merchandise that is no longer selling. 

Traditionally, retailers negotiate the sale of their inventory with a handful of buyers who put these products in the secondary market. But these sales are usually for a price below standard retail value. A change has been introduced with the advent of clothes liquidations companies and bulk inventory buyers. 

Now, retailers can engage closeout companies, such as Closeout Express, and sell their overstock clothing directly to these business buyers at a price close to standard retail value. 

How Do I Sell Overstock Clothing?

The clothing industry is very fast-paced. New trends arrive every season, out-dating last season’s styles and pushing them out of the market. Because of this, retailers need to keep up with fashion demands. Often, this means manufacturing new styles of clothing and disregarding old ones that are no longer selling. But this constant practice is causing old inventories to pile up and affect a business’s capital. 

Nevertheless, the fashion retailers industry has developed unique ways to sell surplus inventory or bring them back to the market. These are reflected in sales and marketing techniques such as: 

  • Retargeting their marketing and positioning strategies 
  • Increasing marketing advertisements for slow-moving products 
  • Applying discounts and promotions to sell overstock inventory
  • Bundling high-profit products with low-profit ones
  • Offering them as freebies

There are ways for retailers to circulate unprofitable products within their brand still. However, there are limits to these strategies. A retailer must know when it’s time for clothes liquidations. Closeout Express can take your overstock clothing out of your warehouse and purchase it at a top-dollar price. We can free up space in your warehouse for your more profitable products and help you get back on track with your cash flow. 

By working with us, you can receive the ROI that your excess inventory has not realized before. We purchase your unprofitable merchandise so that you can redeem your balance sheet, earn a profit, and turn your attention towards your more profitable inventory. 

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What is a Closeout Sale and Why Sell Excess Apparel to an Inventory Liquidator?

Often, clothing retailers have big warehouses filled with different categories of merchandise. Most of these may be moving day in and day out, being brought to stores to refill shelves and meet consumer demand. But there is always a certain percentage of merchandise in a warehouse that is not being circulated because they’re no longer selling. This bulk of excess inventory is what is called a closeout. 

Excess clothing in warehouses that aren’t being brought to stores and sold to customers are costing retailers money. They just take up space in the warehouse, tie up capital, and risk depreciating as time goes by — hence, losing ROI.

That is what inventory liquidators, such as Closeout Express, are in the business of. Also called closeout buyers, we purchase excess inventory from retailers at the current value of their goods. We help retailers liquidate their unmoving inventory, clearing up space in their warehouse for more profitable products and giving them the ROI they missed from these excess inventories. 

Closeout buyers are most commonly engaged by clothing brands, which manufacture a huge bulk of merchandise frequently. But in the age of fast-fashion and evolving clothing trends, they end up with old, excess inventory that no longer sells. Situations like this call for clothes liquidations. 

Closeout Express can help with clothes liquidations, purchasing merchandise from retailers, helping them get back on track with their capital, and making space in their warehouse for new, more profitable products. 

We are the Clothing Liquidation Buyers and Overstock Buyers You Need

Clothes liquidations can help you eliminate your surplus inventory worries and get back on track with your business cash flow. Closeout Express is a premier bulk inventory buyer purchasing a wide range of unmoving products from your warehouse. Whether you have unprofitable clothing, goods, gift sets, electronics, or other categories of merchandise taking up valuable space in your warehouse, we can help get them off your hands — and for a good price. 

Our process is simple. All you need to do is fill out a form that tells us about the merchandise you’re looking to liquidate. We’ll present you with an instant quote for free! If you accept, we can settle our payment immediately so that you can tie up your capital and start focusing on your more profitable products. 

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