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There are various brands of colognes and perfumes — from luxury and high-end options to department store fragrances and gift sets. With the volume of different products in the market, retailers need to study customer preferences and be smart about the brands they invest in.

But that might not be as easy as it sounds. You might not find your top-selling products until much later, which carries the risk of you not profiting from other fragrance brands you’ve tried to put on store shelves. These unmoving products most likely go to your warehouse so that you can prioritize profitable brands on your store shelves. 

But the reality is that you can’t keep these products in your warehouse and inventory for long. The unrealized profit is hampering your cash flow and cluttering your inventory, not to mention that you’re still spending money on them without getting anything in return. These unnecessary expenses include maintenance costs, storage costs, and more. 

If you have cologne and perfume products taking up space in your warehouse and increasing your spending, you should get rid of them immediately. Consider working with perfume liquidators, such as Closeout Express, who can take them out of your hands and purchase them for a good price. 

Why Work with a Perfume Liquidator?

Unprofitable colognes and perfumes that are consuming space in your warehouse are equivalent to ROIs that you’re not getting, which can mess up your cash flow and wreak havoc on your inventory. Moreso, they’re hindering you from replenishing your warehouse with more profitable items. In short, they’re a nuisance that you may be itching to get rid of. 

The good news is that you can still recoup your investment for your overstock and unselling inventory — sell them to Closeout Express! We are a premier cologne and perfume liquidator that purchases products meant for retail sale. We turn your non-profitable inventory into cash so that you can redeem your overhead. 

Working with Closeout Express is easy. Just tell us about your products by filling up a short form and get a free price offer! We also pay fast and take your overstock inventory out of your warehouse as soon as possible. 

Your overstock inventory may not sell on your store shelves, but there is a market for them at discount prices. After we buy your merchandise, we resell them to discount stores that can put them in the market for cheap. 

Wholesale Perfumes We Liquidate

We purchase all types of perfumes, colognes, and fragrances — regardless of scent or brand! Our perfume liquidation services extend to: 

  • Designer perfumes 
  • Perfume and cologne gift sets 
  • Assorted perfumes and fragrances
  • Department store perfumes
  • Branded perfumes

We buy fragrances from brands like Adidas and Bvlgari to Gucci and Lacoste, as well as body sprays, niche fragrances, and celebrity perfumes. Fill out our form to tell us about your products and we’ll give you a free price quote! 

Turn Your Overstock Perfume Inventory into Fast Cash

Colognes, perfumes, and fragrances that have been stuck in your warehouse for a while are not lost causes. While you can’t sell them on store shelves to redeem your overhead, you can opt to engage the services of cologne and perfume liquidators instead. 

Sell your overstock inventory to Closeout Express. We buy wholesale colognes, perfumes, and fragrances from retailers, taking unselling merchandise out of their warehouses so that they can make space for more profitable products, recoup their investments, foster a good cash flow, and drive their business forward. Got cosmetics and makeup products? We also buy overstock makeup inventory

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