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Like all other tech devices and gadgets, computers are replaced by new models with the latest features increasingly often. Especially as new technologies are being created and consumer demand is shifting to more advanced products, old computer models easily stop selling when a new and improved option enters the market.

This puts retailers at a tough spot, especially if they still have a huge bulk of old models in their inventories. But the longer these old computers stay in your warehouse waiting for someone to buy them, the less your chances are of actually profiting from them. 

While there doesn’t seem to be a solution, don’t give up on your investments just yet. There is a way that you can still recoup your investments from your unselling IT assets and make room in your inventory for the latest computers and tech. 

Sell your overstock and unmoving inventory to Closeout Express! We are bulk inventory buyers who can get those old computers out of your hands for a good price. 

Why Sell Your PCs and Laptops to Closeout Express?

The tech industry is constantly improving, giving birth to new computer models every now and then to replace the outdated technologies of older counterparts. Retailers need to keep up with new developments and put the latest products on store shelves — even at the expense of prior models, which are transferred to warehouses to collect dust and depreciate in value. 

The chances of being able to sell old computer models are slim, especially with more advanced and better models entering the market. But as a businessman or businesswoman, you still want to make decisions to get a return on your prior investments. 

The most viable solution is to sell your non-selling IT assets to Closeout Express. We are premier buyers of overstock inventory, including PCs, laptops, and other tech devices. We purchase unmoving inventory from you at a good price so that you can redeem some of your investments and focus on marketing and selling newer and more profitable models. 

How Wholesale Computer Liquidation Works?

Our process of computer liquidation is simple. All you need to do is to fill out a short form that tells us about the computers that you are looking to sell. Once we have the information needed, we can analyze how much we can offer for your overstock inventory and provide you with a free price quote. Until your acceptance, there are no strings attached — you can accept or reject our offer. 

Should you accept, we can move forward with the wholesale computer liquidation process. We want this transaction to be a win-win situation, so we deliver the payment quickly and take charge of your overstock computers immediately. 

Now that you have profited from your overstock inventory, you have more space in your warehouse and store shelves for the latest computer models that will bring customers and money back to your business. 

If you’re wondering where your overstock inventory goes, we sell them to other bulk inventory buyers or discount retailers, who then put them in the market at a much cheaper price. 

What Type of Computers We Can Liquidate?

Closeout Express purchases all types and brands of computers, PCs, and laptops, including products from: 

  • Apple 
  • Dell
  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • And more. 

We also accept hardware and other IT assets, such as servers, networks, storage, audio/video equipment, printers, and VOIP. If your overstock inventory is not in the list above, fill out our form and tell us more about it. 

Turn Your Overstock Computers & Hardware into Cash!

If you have excess and overstock computers and hardware collecting dust in your warehouse, get them out of your hands and recoup your investment by selling to Closeout Express. We can liquidate your IT assets fast and for a good price! 

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