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Furniture can be difficult to sell, considering that homeowners usually buy them one piece at a time and shop seasonally. Bulk purchases, which are usually conducted by offices, are becoming rarer in the age of working from home. This puts furniture retailers in a tough position, with a warehouse filled with unmoving inventory and the clock ticking on its depreciation.

Why You Need to Liquidate Your Unselling Furniture

In general, most furniture depreciates after seven years, with some items losing their functionality and value faster or slower. Fabric products, when unused, last from seven to 15 years. Solid wood pieces of furniture last 10 to 15 years before they show signs of cracking, fading, and aging, provided they are in a heat and humidity-controlled environment. And while leather materials have double or triple the average lifespan, unused and stocked leather is prone to peeling and flaking.

According to research conducted on private furniture retailers in the U.S., recent years have shown a drastic increase in inventory days. In 2006, the average furniture retailer had 124 days of inventory on hand, which increased by 11 days since 2011. Now, privately-held furniture retailers have an average of 142 days of inventory on hand, translating to unnecessary costs to store and maintain the unselling products.

Turn Your Unselling Furniture Into Cash

The pieces of furniture lying around your warehouse for over a hundred days are at risk of depreciating the longer they stay there. For you, that means the imminent threat of losing your capital, the reduced possibility of recouping your investment, and additional expenses for your storage and maintenance efforts.

Unmoving furniture that has been in the market for almost a whole year, without circulating, has a lower chance of selling. Closeout Express can get it out of your hands through furniture liquidation, freeing space in your warehouse, reducing unnecessary expenses, and allowing you to recover your overhead.

We are furniture liquidators who purchase excess inventory from retailers. We buy your unsold and unmoving merchandise for a good, top-dollar value and sell them to other bulk inventory buyers or discount retailers who can put them in the market for a lower price.

If your furniture inventory days have added up to a hundred or more, you’ve been waiting for a return on your investment that is long overdue. Turn your inventory into cash today — just fill out a form, tell us about your goods, and get a free price quote from Closeout Express.

Furniture We Buy

We have helped a myriad of privately-held furniture retailers get rid of unmoving inventory and recoup their investments. We buy all types of furniture, such as:

  • Sofas and loveseats
  • Chairs
  • Coffee tables
  • Dining sets
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Headboards and mattresses
  • Leather, fabric, and wood furniture
  • And more!

Tell us about the type of furniture you have in your inventory and let’s see how we can help.

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Get your long-overdue ROI and take your unselling inventory out of your hands. Sell your furniture to Closeout Express, rebalance your cash flow, and eliminate unnecessary costs today. Get started with our easy, stress-free furniture liquidation process.

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