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Managing inventory is a high-maintenance job in itself. But inventories for perishable goods is a whole different ball game. Managers have to consider more factors than usual, such as the manufacture and expiration dates, as well as the “sell-by” dates that limit the marketability of grocery items. 

Producers of food-stuff, as well as grocery stores, are faced with the challenge of buying just the right quantity of goods to suit consumer demand. But it doesn’t always work out well, and most retailers need to resort to grocery liquidation.

Grocery liquidation is the process of selling excess merchandise to overstock companies or grocery liquidators. These third parties buy surplus grocery items for a price near MSRP and often resell them to the secondary market. 

A grocery liquidator can help grocery stores redeem their balance sheets and free their hands of unmoving items with limited sell-by dates. They also give groceries the benefit of clearing out their warehouse of items that are no longer marketable, giving space for more in-demand merchandise. 

Where Do Your Liquidated Products Go? 

Products that are the subject of grocery liquidation are often sold to the secondary market. Liquidators can resell the merchandise to other businesses, who then offer the products to the consumer market at a lower, discounted price. 

These businesses who purchase merchandise from grocery liquidation companies put the products in certain distribution channels, such as: 

  • Convenience stores
  • Discount grocery stores
  • Dollar stores
  • Flea markets
  • Vending machines

There is a market for liquidated products, and this consists of consumers looking for cheaper options of traditional brands and those who don’t mind close sell-by dates or slightly dented or damaged items. 

What Kind of Groceries We Purchase

Grocery liquidation can accommodate a broad range of different foodstuff and other grocery items that are overstocks, pulled from shelves, or in some cases, returned by customers. We purchase various categories of grocery merchandise. The most popular are shelf-stable goods, such as: 

  • Beverage 
  • Canned goods
  • Snacks
  • Pet items 

We also handle daily household tools and essentials, such as cleaning supplies, sundries, paper goods, and resealable plastic bags, among others. Although less popular as subjects of grocery liquidation, we also handle frozen food items. 

Because of the limited shelf life and sell-by dates of some grocery merchandise, such as meat, dairy, and poultry, you will often not find these resold. Otherwise, we purchase a range of grocery items and short-dated foods from inventories and warehouses. 

We Protect Your Brand

Inventories of grocery items are difficult to manage, but it’s crucial to do so to ensure that you’re providing your consumers with good products. We help protect your brand and ROI by purchasing overstock items and freeing your warehouse for more profitable and fresh merchandise. 

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