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Video Game Liquidation

The esports and gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the digital age. To keep up with the demands of the times, consoles are being updated, new games are being developed, and the demand for fresh, dated products continues to rise rapidly. 

While these signal consistent growth and development in the industry, new products are outdating old, previously in-demand items — wreaking havoc to the inventories of video game retailers.

The Video Game Market: New Games, New Demand

Video game developers understand that the demand for newer, more interesting games is consistent, which is why you see them formulating new ideas or updating old games with new versions every so often. 

Because there are new games and consoles being released, products of yesteryear have stopped being profitable. Retailers are seeing gaming cards and CDs from several generations ago collecting dust in their store shelves and limiting space for new releases. They are forced to move them to the backend of their warehouses and stop circulation altogether. The result? Unsold merchandise taking up valuable space in storage and an unrealized ROI. 

To aggravate the headache, retailers also have to keep up with new developments to stay in the business. That means gathering up capital to order newly released games to put on store shelves — all while adding more merchandise to the warehouse and limited by cash flow imbalances caused by previous overhead.

Liquidate Your Overstock Video Game Inventory 

Unsold video games that are taking up valuable space in a warehouse don’t have to stay there forever, nor do retailers need to bear the burden of unrealized profit. Video game liquidation can help them recoup their investments and salvage income from outdated merchandise. 

Closeout Express has a solution for the consoles and video games sitting in your warehouse collecting dust — we purchase them from you at a top-dollar price! Selling your overstock inventory to us allows you to gain a portion of your ROI and rebalance your cash flow while freeing up space in your warehouse for more profitable items. 

Our process is simple — tell us about your overstock inventory, whether consoles, video games, or other gaming accessories by filling up a form. After learning about your merchandise, we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation price quote. Should you accept our offer, we can pay and pick the items up quickly to guarantee fast profit. 

Explore Video Game Liquidation with Closeout Express 

Video game cartridges and disc quality can only last for so long. In short, you can’t keep them in your warehouse forever. They depreciate over time, and tossing them out can create a huge dent in your capital. The possibility of being able to put them back out in the market is slim — your best solution is video game liquidation. 

Sell your overstock, unselling video game inventory to Closeout Express. We purchase all categories, types, and generations of video games and consoles for top-dollar prices. Allow us to take this unmoving merchandise off your hands and help you recoup your ROI. 

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